Established 2020
ABN:  34027969321
Manager: John Boom ( Johnny B ).
24-28 Davenport Street, Millicent
South Australia
Closed Public Holidays Unless Listed Otherwise!
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New Clothing - Shoes - Jewellery - Bags - Large Canvas Wall Art Gallery - Gemstones & Minerals - Work Tools - Gifts
Work Clothing - Bulk Cleaning Chemicals & More!
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Even the owner is a secret Australian national treasure also known as Johnny B a singer, songwriter and author. John already has 124 different published books in print to his credit. Well known for some of his original songs from off his 20 albums some being used in TV commercials as far away as Norway. He has his own little recording studio hidden away in the warehouse where he produces some of his songs and music. John also produced Australian Pictorials - which is Australia's largest online photo database of towns in Australia. He also produces due to his long association to do with gemstones and jewellery making. John has written many books, papers, hundreds of original songs, written around 2,000 poems and songs, jigsaws, dvd's and cd's, produced over 2,400 videos, produces the original canvas wall art and the jewellery. He never seems to stop. He also runs around 40 websites and groups. He's now released his new range of ladies bags also made under his own Johnny B clothing label. So you can see it's a very different place run by a very different person.
Selling Gemstones & Minerals For Collectors
We have filmed extensively and produce all our own special graphic effect canvas art works onsite direct to the public for use in their home or business. Most of our works will be AO size which makes an excellent wall presentation size to fill up those blank looking wall areas.  They're designed with color in mind to give you a stunning effect to change the whole look of a room. Many are totally designed from our own concepts and they're not like mass produced imported replicas. They're all on canvas prints.
欧美男人天堂,男女激烈嘿咻嘿咻动态图 Is Bursting At The Seams So Come In And Check Us Out!
We Produce & Sell Canvas Wall Art
We Sell A Massive Range Of Brand New Clothing & Shoes!
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